Please stop the poetry



My first impressions of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” is that this poem is a fun little story. I thought the person was making a model town with a train at first but he was just looking at a model train. In the poem he compares the perfection of the model train to the imperfection of his life. As for the theme the speaker is first talking about a model train set and how perfect it is then he seems to talk about how imperfect life is. He talks about the majority of people in the world but soon focuses of himself and his own life. I sort of figured the theme was about not being content with a life you are not happy with. The speaker says at one point “Some days Thoreau had it right About the teeming masses yearning to be free.” He is saying that people want to have a better life but can’t because of their current situation. They just have unpredictable circumstances and events that traps them in a life where no progress to happiness can be made and no one can help them. The poem was split with every other stanza having a consistent pattern. The stanzas talking about the model train had a clear pattern and the stanzas talking about the speaker’s life were random. This was done intentionally to show the difference between the speaker’s imperfect life compared to the perfect model world.


For the questions I still have I don’t understand the Stanza below.

We don’t dare to ask, “What is it?” when we visit

Each other or another or I

Don’t think I’ve heard the question.

“That is not what I meant at all;

That is not it, at all.”


The sound and sense question were definitely easier to answer than the last poems assuming that I actually answered them right. Which is about a fifty/fifty chance.


Writing poetry has helped me read and understand poetry a little better. Just stuff like thinking about the deeper meaning of a phrase or certain word that was used. It has also helped with finding the structure.