Hopefully done with poetry

My perception was changed a little through the poetry unit as I sort of began to enjoy certain poems more. This was because I read a lot more poems to build my own poems. I sort of opened my mind to the different rhyme schemes that didn’t really make sense before the unit started. Also, I listened to a lot of different music than what I normally did and I don’t really remember what I listened to but it did affect my final products. Writing poems with requirements has affected how I view other people’s poems for a few reasons. The first is that I have more respect for poem writers as they write poems without restrictions all the time. If I did that, there would be about one and a half stanzas that barely rhyme and I would be a homeless poem writer. The second reason is that I realize that making a good poem that will actually speak to people or make sense will take time and actual writing skill. The difference between my first poem and my second poem was that the topic I was writing about is somewhat different. In the first poem I was writing about my inability to really write at a good pace or write a decent poem. In my second poem I wrote about how I can’t write but also gave the idea that i’m doing it to keep my grades up and that I need to do that to play sports. I felt like that this was a good topic because I know a little about that. I’ve never been ineligible but i’ve been close in past years.


For my second poem I really didn’t try to force visual elements into my poem. I don’t really think that visual elements could help my poem because I think it’s pretty easy to understand what I am trying to get at with it. Images could help if a person really can’t figure out what i’m writing about and simple give them a picture to give them the idea. I remember hearing or reading that pictures aren’t really need as the reader should be trying to visualize the poem themselves.


Poetry has always been a rough topic for me as it never really made sense to me. I could understand that poetry can rhyme but doesn’t have . I understand that there are different forms and configurations that  a poem can take. I just never really learned how to identify these patterns and put term to them. Whenever a English teacher would say that it’s poetry time student usually dread going to that class because they’re going to sit through a lecture about a pattern. This class was not like that and I was actually interested in maybe writing or thinking of a semi- decent poem. For all the poems we read they were  the generic English classroom poems. We went deeper into analyzing them but that’s what I expected from this class. I might begin to understand some of the different terms. When the class went over Eldorado the questions were tougher than any I’ve seen before and again that was to be expected. What we went over made sense eventually. When we were told to give the theme and support it I thought the poem was about not chasing fairy tales or hidden treasure because it will most likely ruin your life. The real theme was about the author’s life and about how you will only find love in your dreams or you won’t and you’ll die lonely. My guess was pretty far off but at least I could tell it was about chasing something. A few assignments later we got a chance to write our own poems. I decided to write my poem about my lack of skill in writing. For example, I only have this sentence in this blog to make the word count. This was an easy topic as it’s something that happened every time I’ve written anything or had to find a topic. I don’t really know what form it’s going to be in or what rhyme scheme I’m going to use but I actually want to make a good poem. It should not be that hard as my topic is pretty easy to write about for me.

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Thrawn: Alliances was a great book in my opinion. There was a lot of action with a lot characters that I really liked. The story ended in a way that I liked and it added a lot to the character of Grand Admiral Thrawn. I loved the book and sort of geeked out at certain points where the characters would do something awesome or display some sort power or ability that you didn’t know they had. Then there were the four main characters in the story Padme Amadala, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Thrawn. Each of these characters have their own reputation in the star wars galaxy and any star wars fan would know who they are except for maybe Trawn. I read the book because it was the second book in the series first of all and because Thrawn is probably the most interesting character in the star wars galaxy. I read the first book in about five days and read it a second time while waiting for this book to be released. A soon as this book hit the stores I bought it and I was on a family trip through Pittsburgh and I happened to see it at a random book store. I probably spent more time with the book than my family after that point. For most of the book I was Hoping for more information of Thrawn or some new bits of Star wars lore that I could tell some of my friends about. I was not disappointed. Throughout the story there were many mentions about new species of aliens with new and powerful technology. Some new and strange tactics such as a species known as the Grysk who used bugs that turned into stone on contact with any surface. They were able to immobilize Darth Vader with this technology. Another example would be the same species using a small cloaked Hyperspace blocking station to block the only Hyperspace lane in the region. Even though Thrawn found, disabled, and captured the station I thought it was pretty cool because while this was happening Vader was telling Thrawn that this sort of Tech. was impossible because to project the field and stay cloaked would point out their location. Thrawn figured out their secret as the aliens would de-cloak the second the star destroyer would try to jump and project the field and then re-cloak. This is where Thrawn does his awesome stuff. Vader was getting mad because he thought that it was the people on the star destroyer making a mistake somehow and he wanted to take a huge detour that would take four days longer than being able to use the route they were trying to use. Thrawn knew better as he asked vader to stay for twelve hours to figure out the problem. Vader agreed but made it clear that they were not staying any longer and Thrawn gave a little nod that was basically saying that they weren’t going to be there that long. They weren’t. Thrawn found the station in half the time. There were just little pieces of the story that added so much to the character of Thrawn and made him so much more awesome. The story also was from the point of view of Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Padme Amadala. I thought that was cool because I haven’t read a book from any of those character’s point of view before. Besides Thrawn I think Darth Vader’s point of view was my favorite as it showed his thinking process. I would definitely recommend this book to any star wars fan but only after reading the first book in the series.