My Story?

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The story that I chose to write about is about two guys, a doctor and a military person, that went on a space mission to explore a new world. They end up having multiple disagreements because one of them is a doctor and the other is a military person who has a problem with being told what to do. Also the age difference has a role to play in them having these arguments, being that the older one is the doctor and the younger one is from the military.  This again has its own problems like the younger military person having a problem with the doctors commands and the doctor who was not having any of that. Then when I was choosing an idea to develop I went with the idea that I saw in the the quote “Goodbye, mission control. Thanks for trying.” and I picked it because there was room for many different possibilities and outcomes. When working on the activities both in class and out of class, it basically has given me help through the ideas that it provided and it also helped to build up my story by giving me the outlining tools that I needed for the ideas I already had and just needed to find a way to word. As for my way of writing a story, it has changed because of all the work that has gone into us deconstructing the process of writing a story in class. When it comes to the way that I think about writing a story and how it has changed I see that its now a little bit easier, for me to make all the parts of the story come together because of the all the worksheets that really broke it down piece by piece. Then the reason that writing a story has really changed for me is because we did do so many different activities in not only class but out of class as well, that really required us to think of and about every possible detail before we could even think to write the story.

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