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For IR I am reading “Thrawn Alliances”, a Star Wars story.  I like the book because it goes in between four different peoples points of view; Thrawn, Padme, Anakin Sky Walker, and Darth Vader.  I consider Anakin Sky Walker and Darth Vader different characters because Darth Vader doesn’t recognize Anakin as a part of his past, and also they have two completely different personalities in the story. My favorite character in the story is Thrawn, this was an easy choice because he outsmarts everybody in every situation. He even manages to figure out Darth Vader’s true identity. He is faced with many challenges on his missions and never panics, gets mad, or doesn’t know what to do. My second favorite character is Anakin Sky Walker because his part of the story is interesting.  His part is interesting because it shows how he reacts in certain situations, and tells how Jedi’s perceive threats because he describes them as a short vision of the future that is extremely detailed. Relating this story to something in real life that I know about is not as hard as it may seem because of the school setting. In school sometimes there is that one person in your class where they just have a greater understanding of everything that is going on, such as just know how stuff works as soon as it is brought up.  Or even just seeing something in a different way that just makes more sense. This is how Anakin felt around Thrawn. When Anakin and Thrawn were on a planet together looking for Padme, Thrawn would always seen to find all the clues that Anakin would miss. Thrawn would find piece after piece to the puzzle in ways that were completely unconventional. Also he told Anakin how to do certain things in ways that he would have never thought to do them,  such as ways to interrogate people. As for what I think the resolution would be there is going to be two of them, one with Anakin and Thrawn, and the other with Darth Vader and Thrawn. For the Anakin and Thrawn ending, I expect them to find Padme and take down whoever made the plot against her.  Then for the Vader and Thrawn ending, I think that Vader will find the disturbance in the force that he was looking for.

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