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My initial reaction to the story of “The Devil and Tom Walker” was the simple question of “what am I reading?” Then after reading “The Devil and Tom Walker”,  I found out that the story was somewhat similar to other stories and books that I have read. Yet at the same time that there were some similarities between this and the others, there was at least one major difference between this story and the other books/stories that I have read. The one difference being the wording of the story and how the story is being told in comparison to the words used and the time that the story was set in through the setting and the plot. Using the similarities and differences that I found, my impression of the society that the author was trying to tell us about was that the majority of people were poorer or working class and these people would do anything to be able to help better their lives. While knowing that the author was trying to say that the people were poor he was also writing this story in order to show how greedy the society as a whole has become.  Also to add on to that sometimes the people with less or those that are poorer are happier than the people who are greedy. And with that those people that are greedy, will never be truly happy with what they have because they will always want something more. Whether it is more money, some sort of physical object or even a metaphorical object that they want. For those people the author is trying to tell them through the eyes of Tom that money can corrupt the mind and that if you are not careful it will be able to control you because it would be like making a deal with the devil himself. Then if I could change, modify, or add to the story I would tell what happened to Tom Walker by the end. Unlike in the story I would give a clear ending of what happened to Tom Walker instead of the loose ending that it actually gave us even though it’s obvious he was taken by the Devil.

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