Week one is over and all of the work is starting to set in.  A lot more was learned than what was expected by me.  One of the things that I learned was that some of the characters may seem more important then what they actually are.  Also there are a lot more types of characters then what I had originally thought there were.  This helped me to understand why certain types of characters are in books for what seems like one reason, and then being gone right after that reason occurs.  With that you can see what kind of reader you are, even though you might be just reading to read or you might be looking for something within the story.  For me most of the time I don’t just read to read I usually pick books that I know I will like, and they are usually from a related author, genre, series, etc.  When I read a book I try to imagine every character, every setting, and more.  This is why I am more of an active participant as a reader compared to being just an observer.  To go from being an active reader to more of an observer kind of person I could pick a book that I don’t want to read or don’t like to read.


Week two had three main differences from week one, for one every class began to give us a lot of work.  I expected this to happen because we have to start working some time and week two is normally the time to start class work.  One of the other difference from week one was that procrastination is at an all time high for me, its just a really bad habit that I have always had and just can’t seem to get rid of.  The third and most important change in my opinion is that the lunch ladies have finally excepted that they will never be able to get us to stand in a line for lunch.  This is important because this means that the bigger people will get lunch first and this benefits me because I am a varsity lineman.  This has been your weekly blog with me…please read again next week.

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