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The story that I chose to write about is about two guys, a doctor and a military person, that went on a space mission to explore a new world. They end up having multiple disagreements because one of them is a doctor and the other is a military person who has a problem with being told what to do. Also the age difference has a role to play in them having these arguments, being that the older one is the doctor and the younger one is from the military.  This again has its own problems like the younger military person having a problem with the doctors commands and the doctor who was not having any of that. Then when I was choosing an idea to develop I went with the idea that I saw in the the quote “Goodbye, mission control. Thanks for trying.” and I picked it because there was room for many different possibilities and outcomes. When working on the activities both in class and out of class, it basically has given me help through the ideas that it provided and it also helped to build up my story by giving me the outlining tools that I needed for the ideas I already had and just needed to find a way to word. As for my way of writing a story, it has changed because of all the work that has gone into us deconstructing the process of writing a story in class. When it comes to the way that I think about writing a story and how it has changed I see that its now a little bit easier, for me to make all the parts of the story come together because of the all the worksheets that really broke it down piece by piece. Then the reason that writing a story has really changed for me is because we did do so many different activities in not only class but out of class as well, that really required us to think of and about every possible detail before we could even think to write the story.

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My initial reaction to the story of “The Devil and Tom Walker” was the simple question of “what am I reading?” Then after reading “The Devil and Tom Walker”,  I found out that the story was somewhat similar to other stories and books that I have read. Yet at the same time that there were some similarities between this and the others, there was at least one major difference between this story and the other books/stories that I have read. The one difference being the wording of the story and how the story is being told in comparison to the words used and the time that the story was set in through the setting and the plot. Using the similarities and differences that I found, my impression of the society that the author was trying to tell us about was that the majority of people were poorer or working class and these people would do anything to be able to help better their lives. While knowing that the author was trying to say that the people were poor he was also writing this story in order to show how greedy the society as a whole has become.  Also to add on to that sometimes the people with less or those that are poorer are happier than the people who are greedy. And with that those people that are greedy, will never be truly happy with what they have because they will always want something more. Whether it is more money, some sort of physical object or even a metaphorical object that they want. For those people the author is trying to tell them through the eyes of Tom that money can corrupt the mind and that if you are not careful it will be able to control you because it would be like making a deal with the devil himself. Then if I could change, modify, or add to the story I would tell what happened to Tom Walker by the end. Unlike in the story I would give a clear ending of what happened to Tom Walker instead of the loose ending that it actually gave us even though it’s obvious he was taken by the Devil.

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For IR I am reading “Thrawn Alliances”, a Star Wars story.  I like the book because it goes in between four different peoples points of view; Thrawn, Padme, Anakin Sky Walker, and Darth Vader.  I consider Anakin Sky Walker and Darth Vader different characters because Darth Vader doesn’t recognize Anakin as a part of his past, and also they have two completely different personalities in the story. My favorite character in the story is Thrawn, this was an easy choice because he outsmarts everybody in every situation. He even manages to figure out Darth Vader’s true identity. He is faced with many challenges on his missions and never panics, gets mad, or doesn’t know what to do. My second favorite character is Anakin Sky Walker because his part of the story is interesting.  His part is interesting because it shows how he reacts in certain situations, and tells how Jedi’s perceive threats because he describes them as a short vision of the future that is extremely detailed. Relating this story to something in real life that I know about is not as hard as it may seem because of the school setting. In school sometimes there is that one person in your class where they just have a greater understanding of everything that is going on, such as just know how stuff works as soon as it is brought up.  Or even just seeing something in a different way that just makes more sense. This is how Anakin felt around Thrawn. When Anakin and Thrawn were on a planet together looking for Padme, Thrawn would always seen to find all the clues that Anakin would miss. Thrawn would find piece after piece to the puzzle in ways that were completely unconventional. Also he told Anakin how to do certain things in ways that he would have never thought to do them,  such as ways to interrogate people. As for what I think the resolution would be there is going to be two of them, one with Anakin and Thrawn, and the other with Darth Vader and Thrawn. For the Anakin and Thrawn ending, I expect them to find Padme and take down whoever made the plot against her.  Then for the Vader and Thrawn ending, I think that Vader will find the disturbance in the force that he was looking for.



Week one is over and all of the work is starting to set in.  A lot more was learned than what was expected by me.  One of the things that I learned was that some of the characters may seem more important then what they actually are.  Also there are a lot more types of characters then what I had originally thought there were.  This helped me to understand why certain types of characters are in books for what seems like one reason, and then being gone right after that reason occurs.  With that you can see what kind of reader you are, even though you might be just reading to read or you might be looking for something within the story.  For me most of the time I don’t just read to read I usually pick books that I know I will like, and they are usually from a related author, genre, series, etc.  When I read a book I try to imagine every character, every setting, and more.  This is why I am more of an active participant as a reader compared to being just an observer.  To go from being an active reader to more of an observer kind of person I could pick a book that I don’t want to read or don’t like to read.


Week two had three main differences from week one, for one every class began to give us a lot of work.  I expected this to happen because we have to start working some time and week two is normally the time to start class work.  One of the other difference from week one was that procrastination is at an all time high for me, its just a really bad habit that I have always had and just can’t seem to get rid of.  The third and most important change in my opinion is that the lunch ladies have finally excepted that they will never be able to get us to stand in a line for lunch.  This is important because this means that the bigger people will get lunch first and this benefits me because I am a varsity lineman.  This has been your weekly blog with me…please read again next week.