First Week



The first week of school was actually fun for me.  My teachers are nice, the food wasn’t bad, and my classes seem interesting. The football season just started  and we played Southern first.  We may have lost but it was fun to be a part of.  To start of my day I have American Lit. with a really fun teacher. Then I go to physics with Kanaskie, it is a fun class so far and I am looking forward to see what comes up.  After American lit and Physics, I go to Geometry with Shuman.  It seems like it will be an interesting subject but I don’t really like the mix of people that are in my class.  Also I have this class as a double period every other day, this might make the class a little bit boring or even monotonous.  Unlike 3rd and 4th period (every other day) I have a really fun possibly one of my favorite classes after it, American Cultures with Murphy.  One of the better parts about this class is her stories about her rabbits.  Another thing about her is how she almost makes me think that taking physiology will be worth it.   After 5/6 with Murphy I go to Lunch, the best subject of the day.  Personally I don’t think that the lunches at our school are bad, this is because back at St. Columbia, my old elementary school, lunches were small and didn’t really taste all that good.  So when I came to public school I was happy about the portion sizes and the variety of choices that were available to eat.  Next period I have a study hall were I do most of my work and defiantly do not play games on my surface pro.  Then my favorite teacher of them all Marsh.  I spend my last two classes of the day with him and they are anything but boring.  10th period is robotics where we are working on building combat robots.  Then 11th period is my CAD class, this class is going to be a tough course because it is a college level class and counts for college credits.  And to end out my day I have football everyday until about 6.  That is about all that I have to say about my first week, I know that I won’t be saying the same things next week but for now everything is good.

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