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I thought the movie was just okay. The fact that it was not in full color was a big shut down for me like coming from now like we have so many advances in film from just simple things to special effects and color so the fact that it was lacking that took a lot away from it for me personally. I did think the acting was decent and I do feel as though the film did a very good job of portraying it’s intended message. The film was important because it took the “American dream” and showed it for what it truly is. He was given up by his family in hope of him having a better and more successful life. He worked for years and married different women and forged fake friendships all in the hope of filling a void when in the end it all got him nowhere. He was left alone in a big empty house. Yes, on one hand, he had more money than his parents and wound up being a very successful man but all of that means nothing if you have no one to truly share your happiness with and in that aspect he was alone. He had not felt truly loved since he left his parent hence his last words being rosebud. It was sad to watch him try so hard and give so much desperately hoping that someone would eventually love him back and that in the end was his undoing. He never got to learn how to love someone right and that is why both of his wives left him. He did not understand that there was more to showing love than just fancy things and money that the people in his life just wanted to feel like they mattered to him. I think that it is often lost in translation that there is more to it all than money especially today. We live in a time where it is so easy to look into other peoples lives we can see anyone and anything with a press of a button and we see things we want and we think I would be happy if I could just have this or I would be happy if I could just have that but you could have the world and there will come a time where you sit down and realize that there was more to it all that just what you have physically. Relationships are important you should have people that you love and that love you and you need the more than anything else.

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bLoG NinEtEeN

Firstly, the theme of The Love Song is the blight of the classes of society. This theme involves lower class people feeling bad just like Alfred Prudfrock in this poem. It shows that because he is a lower class citizen he feels like he is under everyone else so he feels like he cannot approach a higher class woman. These social norms are a sort of blight on our society because it encourages people being less of a person because of their social status (which is of course a bad thing). Secondly, the theme of Disillusionment of 10′ o’clock’s theme is how conformity is a bad thing. It tells how someone who conforms to society’s standards dreams of nothing, but someone who doesn’t would be dreaming of something exciting. This shows that being your own person is better than following what everyone else is doing. Thirdly, the theme of Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town is about gender equality. Anyone is refered to as the man in the situation and no one is referred to as the woman. It is not until the woman marries the man until she is referred to as somebody. So the poem was making a statement on how society sees woman. The setting of the small town never changes, but the seasons do. The seasons may change, but year by year they are always the same, but the statement that is shown is that this gender equality never changes just like the little town. Each of these three poems are making statements on our society in their own different ways. So they are all similar in that aspect, but their topics are all different. Even if all of the topics are aiming to fix our society for the better. I think that Disillusionment of 10′ o’clock is most applicable to our society because it seems that everyone seems to want to be the same. So many people want collectors items or things like that (for example Jordan’s), but they end up just being like everyone else. That is a small example of something that is in today’s society, but since the internet is growing there is more room for people to want to conform to a group. I liked Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town the most because the repetition of summer autumn winter spring” just sounded really good. I didn’t care too much about any of the individual messages (even though they are good ones) I just liked the rhythm.


My thoughts on the short story, ” The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” and the way it was written was that I had no idea what was going on. I was so confused and the way it was written is kind of irritating because it makes you want to say the right word, but you can’t because you have to read it the way it is. The story itself was ehh, I didn’t find it really interesting in my opinion. The use of humor and satire was when Simon Wheeler made the narrator sit and listen to a story about unrealistic stuff to waste his time. The point the story was trying to make is to not judge a book by its cover because the narrator judged Simon Wheeler when he walked into the bar. I feel like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is going to be like the other short story and just hard to read. The only thing that I learned about this story is that it’s kind of like a sequel to “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and that Mark Twain wrote it. I think my perspective on the story will probably not be any different than it is now on the story. I feel like if we discuss the chapters that we have to read in class, I will be able to understand it more than I already do. My thoughts on the short film “iMom” had a little effect on me, but not a big one. For other people I think it will be an real eye opener for them and make them realize what this Earth has turned into over the past couple of years. What was being satirized in “iMom” was different kinds of parenting and also how a lot of people rely on technology for a lot of things. My reaction to the presentation and commentary it was making was kind of shocked because it showed that not even robots are perfect. That’s also because humans created them and we human beings can’t make anything perfect because nothing is perfect no matter how hard we try to make something that way.


My experience with satire and humor is one that isn’t too complicated. I’ve always really enjoyed stuff like stand-up and comedic shows or reads that make fun of people. I understand that the act of making fun of people is a form of satire itself, so that would be the experience I have with it. And conveniently, satire is listed as a form of humor, so I can safely say that this is my favorite form of humor as well. An example of the satire I enjoy are the multiple late night shows that make fun of current events or people. Stuff like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. I especially like watching Stephen Colbert rag on out current president, who isn’t necessarily in cool water right now. Now for Mark Twain, I do not know much about him, and I have little experience with his writings. But from what I can tell, he is the type of writer that I would enjoy, as he utilizes satire in his works. After looking up some information about Mark Twain, I find it most interesting that he wasn’t just a writer. He was also a riverboat pilot, journalist, lecturer, entrepreneur, and an inventor. This definitely makes him seem much cooler than most other writers, and having so many other jobs allowed him to use the many different perspectives that he has seen throughout his time working these different jobs. He could see how many different people there were and how different they are from each other, and I imagine that this enhances his stories in a way that not many other writers could capture. All in all, I’m excited to read the book that is Huckleberry Finn, as I can’t wait to see how Twain manages to capture and bring this story to life.

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Family secrets, betrayal, and an all-encompassing love for art serve as the catalysts in Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You the Sun, which introduces readers to estranged twins Noah and Jude. Told in alternating chapters—Noah’s narration takes place when the twins are thirteen, and Jude’s picks up three years later. In Noah’s chapters, we meet an awkward, sensitive boy who’d rather draw than interact with other people—the opposite of his sociable twin, Jude. She’s everything he’s not: self-assured, beautiful, appealing to the opposite sex. It’s slowly revealed when we get to Jude’s chapter that the once inseparable duo is no longer close—something terrible has befallen the Sweetwine family to drive the twins apart.

As younger teens, under the watchful, if the preoccupied eye of their mother, Noah, and Jude both strove to produce art portfolios that would be their ticket to the fancy California School of the Arts—a high school as difficult to get into as any college. Noah loves to draw and paint, never venturing far without his sketchbook. Jude’s art is more secretive: she labors for days on the beach of their Northern California coastal town creating massive sand sculptures of women that she then watches the tide wash away. Fast forward a few years later when the twins are sixteen, and it’s Noah who’s turned his back on both art and his sister, while Jude is now embracing her sculptures with new vigor. She’s determined to move from clay to stone, although she’s never worked with the material before, and finding an instructor is nearly impossible.

Nelson weaves together such intriguing storylines for both twins that it’s hard to read and appreciate one section without being eager to reach the next section. This is a book that begs to be read twice—it’s impossible to catch all the nuances the first time because the reader is overwhelmed by the strong personalities of Noah and Jude. The rift between them seems both unimaginable and inevitable: only something of epic proportions could drive a wedge between two people so totally in synch with each other their entire lives. As Noah notes several times, he and Jude have always been together, even in the womb. In the hands of a lesser writer, this could easily have turned into a melodramatic teen soap opera, but Nelson creates vivid, three-dimensional characters that are the perfect mix of flawed and empathetic so that readers have no choice but to fall in love with the battered family.

This book is one of the most amazing books I have ever gotten an opportunity to read. It brings both hope and pain. The hope that everyone will end up with their happy ending but the pain and fear that one day it can be taken all away. It also highlights the bound of a family that bond that can never be broken the bond that stays intact no matter how far another person goes or what they do they will always .


My initial reaction to the poem was that I was not a big fan of it and in complete honesty, I was not a big fan of it in the end. One of the things i love about both poems and music is that you can feel exactly what they are feeling without ever experiencing it. They use their words to convey the message of what they want to say. That being said I like to read poems about things that i can care about and relate to. There is not a single scenario in which i believe that everyone or anyone for that matter in the entire world can be 100% good. So i kind of shut down from the beginning which is not any slight to the author if we are still reading and bisecting and supposed to be taking something from a poem this old it must have something worth learning from. to me, the best line from our assigned section was from section 6.

A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands;
How could I answer the child? I do not know what it is any more
than he.

I like this line because it highlights something that i think is very important. We spend our whole lives trying to understand others. We work together and we make friends and form relationships but we do not truly understand anyone and why they are the way they are. People will always have secrets and people will always do things without reason. I think that most people are not the most genuine version of who they are so judging off actions it is still very hard to know if people are being an honest version of themselves. If i am being completely honest i feel like a lot of people go their whole lives and do not even understand themselves. I had a lot of difficulties with this work because there was not a lot of room for a personal interpretation. I felt like every time you said that this line of the poem meant this is thought it meant something completely different. So i found it frustrating when i could not make the connections i was supposed to be making.

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The benefits of leaving behind society as Thoreau did would be that: you have an opportunity to do things on your own. You have a chance to discover things without the input and stress of others opinions and ideas. Another benefit is that you do not need to do things like work there is no need for things like money and materialistic items (except things that are absolutely needed) because you are living off of the land. Yet another benefit is the fact that you are not really facing any pressure. Like there is the pressure of trying to live in an unfamiliar environment on your own and trying to survive which i would assume would be pretty difficult but pressures such as grades and jobs and to have friends and such do not really matter anymore. And for me personally school is one of the things that weigh on me the most and I really would not mind that pressure leaving. I would miss a lot of things especially things I take for granted such as my house which has heat and readily available food ( sometimes because so days I feel like there is nothing to eat in my whole house). I would miss the internet and being able to post on my finsta about one hundred times a day even though i know no one really cares about it. I would miss TV and my bed quite a bit and i would definitely miss the constant access i have to my friends. I would miss my family as well even though they get on every single nerve I have I do not like to be without them. I guess I would be pretty lonely. It is interesting because out of all those things i did not really say anything with any substantial value besides my family. LIke i would miss dumb things like netflix which i say is a small price to pay. I mean it would really really suck and I would probably be miserable but it is not forever and there is a lot up for gain.

debate blog

So writing my debate was pretty hard. I was not a big fan of writing it out instead of debating which would have saved me a lot of stress considering i was not one of the people who wrote it all out from the start. I was more stressed because I was not supportive of my argument in the beginning. The more i read about it the more i realized I was probably on the right side of the debate. I did not really like that things had to be certain lengths though because i personally feel like if i get my point across i got my point across you feel like i can make a pretty good start in less than 4 minutes. I really did not change my way of argument in my everyday life. For the purpose of the assignment i will play the game but i real life it is not practical to make a whole thing to get your way because most times a compromise is easier and if i am going, to be honest, i tend to get my way with most things anyway. In an everyday dispute, i am pretty good. I still feel as though most times you will not be able to really change someone’s opinion during a debate because i changed sides because i was not really well informed but if someone is passionate and well informed about their side they probably will not be swayed by another person opinion like it may open up their eyes to the other side which is good but will it really change their mindset probably not. especially on more controversial topics like abortion and the wall people are normally set in their views for such things due to their morals which tend to influence more than facts especially if they were raised in such a way because how you are thought things is normally how you stick with things because its drilled into your head for so long. But in my case my debate did change my mind because there was a lot of things that i had not learned before .


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so I wrote this only for me to accidentally delete it so that is lit. But my debate topic is the negative side of recreational marijuana. I honestly think I am going to have a hard time with this. Unlike the 70’s the information coming out about weed is mostly positive and it is becoming more and more acceptable. The legalization process is coming across the United States as a whole and even our neighbors like Canada have legalized it. Also it is hard to argue because it has no affect on me. For 1 i am still underage and 2 if someone is smoking it has zero affect on me or mine. So i personally believe that it should be legal it some use it to treat their anxiety disorders and i said it really does not affect me. The only attack I think would be to use is emotional appeal because if you can play onto the fear that smoking can lead to other more dangerous drugs. Also legalizing it opens that can of worms of what to do with those who were already convicted of selling or possession and that is something that no one has a solution to yet. Also the federal nor local government is equipped to deal with the surge of cases that would cause. Also it is not labeled as a gateway drug which i think is false because it can lead to a desensitization to other drugs and it can lead to people getting into other things when trying to chase a high especially those who have to take a drug test and need something that leaves the system quicker. The ethical argument that can be made is why to make any drug legal natural or not is it really safe to have mind altering substances available to the public for anyone to use and get a hold of not really like it could lead to the push to legalize things like magic mushrooms. i honestly think I am going to have a hard time with this debate i will have to do a lot of research to find something solid.


My debate would be if debates are even worth doing. Let us be honest with ourselves here has there ever been a time your mind was changed in A debate. If you are debating about something most likely it has some type of meaning to you or you are passionate about the topic. At that point you will already pretty much be set in your opinion. You could argue that it is good to hear others peoples ideas but at that point you can just have a normal discussion if you really care that much. If you could not already tell i am opposed to debates there really is not a point solve your problems with a discussion. Like you are not going get in a fight and then hop on to a podium in real life. So about the whole school thing as you could tell by taking a little trip and looking at any of my previous blogs I do not like it. It is tiring and boring and honestly to stressful so i choose not to care. Like the fact that the decisions i make at 16 are going to have an affect on the rest of my life is big stupid. Like I am just trying to have a good time and worry about life later like I am to young to be stressing over this goonery.  If I could do anything differently i would have scheduled different classes i do not even know why i picked hard ones like i have something i need to prove we all know i am big dumb. There is nothing i can do to change it to be honest because my name is not Thanos and i can not go back in time so my only option is to sit and suffer through the next 100 something days of school. Which side note i feel like we have had so many more days than that like what is going on this is brazy i feel like we have been in school at lease like 120 days i do not know. I guess time really only flies when you are having fun.

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