The benefits of leaving behind society as Thoreau did would be that: you have an opportunity to do things on your own. You have a chance to discover things without the input and stress of others opinions and ideas. Another benefit is that you do not need to do things like work there is no need for things like money and materialistic items (except things that are absolutely needed) because you are living off of the land. Yet another benefit is the fact that you are not really facing any pressure. Like there is the pressure of trying to live in an unfamiliar environment on your own and trying to survive which i would assume would be pretty difficult but pressures such as grades and jobs and to have friends and such do not really matter anymore. And for me personally school is one of the things that weigh on me the most and I really would not mind that pressure leaving. I would miss a lot of things especially things I take for granted such as my house which has heat and readily available food ( sometimes because so days I feel like there is nothing to eat in my whole house). I would miss the internet and being able to post on my finsta about one hundred times a day even though i know no one really cares about it. I would miss TV and my bed quite a bit and i would definitely miss the constant access i have to my friends. I would miss my family as well even though they get on every single nerve I have I do not like to be without them. I guess I would be pretty lonely. It is interesting because out of all those things i did not really say anything with any substantial value besides my family. LIke i would miss dumb things like netflix which i say is a small price to pay. I mean it would really really suck and I would probably be miserable but it is not forever and there is a lot up for gain.

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