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So writing my debate was pretty hard. I was not a big fan of writing it out instead of debating which would have saved me a lot of stress considering i was not one of the people who wrote it all out from the start. I was more stressed because I was not supportive of my argument in the beginning. The more i read about it the more i realized I was probably on the right side of the debate. I did not really like that things had to be certain lengths though because i personally feel like if i get my point across i got my point across you feel like i can make a pretty good start in less than 4 minutes. I really did not change my way of argument in my everyday life. For the purpose of the assignment i will play the game but i real life it is not practical to make a whole thing to get your way because most times a compromise is easier and if i am going, to be honest, i tend to get my way with most things anyway. In an everyday dispute, i am pretty good. I still feel as though most times you will not be able to really change someone’s opinion during a debate because i changed sides because i was not really well informed but if someone is passionate and well informed about their side they probably will not be swayed by another person opinion like it may open up their eyes to the other side which is good but will it really change their mindset probably not. especially on more controversial topics like abortion and the wall people are normally set in their views for such things due to their morals which tend to influence more than facts especially if they were raised in such a way because how you are thought things is normally how you stick with things because its drilled into your head for so long. But in my case my debate did change my mind because there was a lot of things that i had not learned before .


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