so I wrote this only for me to accidentally delete it so that is lit. But my debate topic is the negative side of recreational marijuana. I honestly think I am going to have a hard time with this. Unlike the 70’s the information coming out about weed is mostly positive and it is becoming more and more acceptable. The legalization process is coming across the United States as a whole and even our neighbors like Canada have legalized it. Also it is hard to argue because it has no affect on me. For 1 i am still underage and 2 if someone is smoking it has zero affect on me or mine. So i personally believe that it should be legal it some use it to treat their anxiety disorders and i said it really does not affect me. The only attack I think would be to use is emotional appeal because if you can play onto the fear that smoking can lead to other more dangerous drugs. Also legalizing it opens that can of worms of what to do with those who were already convicted of selling or possession and that is something that no one has a solution to yet. Also the federal nor local government is equipped to deal with the surge of cases that would cause. Also it is not labeled as a gateway drug which i think is false because it can lead to a desensitization to other drugs and it can lead to people getting into other things when trying to chase a high especially those who have to take a drug test and need something that leaves the system quicker. The ethical argument that can be made is why to make any drug legal natural or not is it really safe to have mind altering substances available to the public for anyone to use and get a hold of not really like it could lead to the push to legalize things like magic mushrooms. i honestly think I am going to have a hard time with this debate i will have to do a lot of research to find something solid.

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