My debate would be if debates are even worth doing. Let us be honest with ourselves here has there ever been a time your mind was changed in A debate. If you are debating about something most likely it has some type of meaning to you or you are passionate about the topic. At that point you will already pretty much be set in your opinion. You could argue that it is good to hear others peoples ideas but at that point you can just have a normal discussion if you really care that much. If you could not already tell i am opposed to debates there really is not a point solve your problems with a discussion. Like you are not going get in a fight and then hop on to a podium in real life. So about the whole school thing as you could tell by taking a little trip and looking at any of my previous blogs I do not like it. It is tiring and boring and honestly to stressful so i choose not to care. Like the fact that the decisions i make at 16 are going to have an affect on the rest of my life is big stupid. Like I am just trying to have a good time and worry about life later like I am to young to be stressing over this goonery.  If I could do anything differently i would have scheduled different classes i do not even know why i picked hard ones like i have something i need to prove we all know i am big dumb. There is nothing i can do to change it to be honest because my name is not Thanos and i can not go back in time so my only option is to sit and suffer through the next 100 something days of school. Which side note i feel like we have had so many more days than that like what is going on this is brazy i feel like we have been in school at lease like 120 days i do not know. I guess time really only flies when you are having fun.

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