Monthly Archives: December 2018

It aint work out

So we were assigned to try to imamate Ben Franklin and try to follow a list of virtues for a week. Now I did not to well with this which was to be expected considering the man who came up with most of them could not even manage to do it himself. So if you know me I got about 1001 flaws but 2 of my main are my lack of willpower and my lack of motivation. So let us think about the fact that I was supposed to incorporate a set of whole new rules that were not completely necessary into my life. I was destined to fail from the get go. Some of them like resolution were impossible because I am constantly depressed and I want to do things but am never able to bring myself to do anything.  Another one that was bound to fail was silence. I got a fat mouth i could talk for days about anything if if like you it is Berliner impossible to shut me up which is what it is but was not very helpful in this case. Order and moderation went out the window because I have no motivation to keep things clean and organized so instead I sleep and sit on my phone constantly which is not moderation so it was a pretty rough time for me. Frugality went pretty well for me because despite all the working I did in the summer I have like no money and if i spend any of it it has to be on something super good. Sincerity was another thing I think I did okay on I try as it is to be  honest with people about my opions on them. Sometimes people need to know the truth so they can better themselves. Authenticy is probably about the only other thing I did well like I have become a lot better about being more open about who I am. Dispite the fact that I am a total sped half the time i have learned that if that is who I am gong to be that is who I am going to be and that is okay. Long as I am happy screw everyone else you feel.