This is mad late due to crippling depression my motivation has been at 0 all week but i do not want to fail so I am going to put in some work now. I liked El Dorado quite a bit. It was good and at the time we were reading it i was not in the best mood so i liked it a little more because of that. I overall do like to write poems but not for other people to read. Like they are like strangely personal and like i do not want people to know my juice like that. Also i do not know what to write my poem about like i have to do a whole new one now and i just do not know a new topic. Like at my age i really have not experienced much like i feel like if i write about something too deep it will just be stupid and not real but if i write about something stupid i will hand in a dumb poem that you are going to judge anyway so i am really not sure.  And like i guess i could write about something i do not like but then i am weird and sulky so i have no clue. I guess i could try to do Myles again but it did not work very well the first time because even though i love him there is only so much i material i have to write about a dog. Hopefully i can make up something good so i do not take to much heat.

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