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So howdy y’all I have been working at AR for about 6 hours now mostly because my pea brain can’t focus for more than a solid 5 seconds I am gonna try my best to make another quality blog for yall so let us see. This masterpiece will be about The Sky is Everywhere by the lovely Jandy Nelson. The books follows Lennie through basically what is her journey of self discovery after the death of her sister. Now I do like Lennie but the whole book she made 110 problems for herself. I feel like in many of situations when was in were completely avoidable if she was trying to be a decent person. Let’s start off with the fact that she almost had sex with her dead and yes deceased sister’s fiance like what are you doing that is actually disgusting. And yes Toby was older and they were both going through a tough time but see a therapist or something like there are other ways to handle yourself. Now the whole time Lennie is making awful decisions with Toby she is leading on my man Joe. And let me tell you I love Joe he is the most beautifully broken boy. He is so darn precious and he cares about Lennie a lot he puts in a lot of work for her but she still manages to mess it up. Like sis you had the boy I do not understand. Then she went and played victim to Joe after he found out about her and Toby ( which she lied to him about inmore than one occasion) She broke Joe’s heart basically blamed it on the fact that ¬†she was going through a tough time. JOe had been through a lot and it is mad disrespectful for her to do him like that. Now don’t get me wrong I wanted them to get back together because I love that sappy mess but like real talk it would have been 100 percent valid if he dipped. Another thing she did was she snooped through her sisters stuff and wound up finding stuff about her missing mother which upset the whole family balance she had going on like why can you not just be happy with what you have you ingrate. Now I genuinely do like Lennie I think her and I are very similar both had a lot of self sabotaging tendencies and are very nosy. We both are also very big on the self pity train. Another thing i love about Lennie is the little poems she left everywhere. I think that was such a good way to develop her character and give us as a reader a direct look into what she was thinking and how she was feeling. Of course Joe was finding them and reading them which he was also using them to understand all the things she was going through. These poems ultimately lead to Joe forgiving her and them getting back together. My by far favorite thing about the book was the title. The title was taken from one of the poems Lennie wrote and it is basically saying that the pain of her losing her sister will never go away but she will carry it with her forever. I think it was a cute message and i love sweet stuff like that. Overall the book is pretty predictable but still very cute i cried like a small child at time but all in all it was a very good well written book but i would never expect less from the marvokus Jandy .

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