Let’s begin the goonery To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han follows 16 year-old Lara Jean Covey Song, who writes love letters to all the boys she is loved (if the title hasn’t already spoiled you on that) as a sort of way to get over them. Then she stores them in a hat box her passed mother gave her. All heck breaks loose once plot twist -the love letters are mailed out to all the boys.I really liked then cover which is one of the things that drew me to it I know people say “don’t judge a book by its cover” (whether that’s meant for people or not), but I mean, come on, it’s super pretty.I.This book deals with love, family, sisterhood, relationships of all kind, and past friendships. All in all the book was definitely a sappy girly kind of read. I found it so out-of-the-blue that Peter Kavinsky ended up driving by Lara Jean. It was kind of out of the blue I found it  crazy how Lara Jean ended up “randomly” picking Peter K. to be her fake boyfriend: there were about 105 other dudes other guys walking down the hall at the time Josh confronted her with the love letter. What I also found crazy and stupid, was how Lara Jean just fell for peter she made fun of him but it was playful. She never really stood up for herself. And she let him be mad disrespectful to both her and her friend Josh. She also never really asked him about the times he was seen with Genevieve when they were pretending to be a couple. Like, do not deal with this! Whether it’s fake or not, why was she just allowing him to be disloyal to her which is no bueno. Oh, and Josh. One, after such a long time and after God-knows-how-much they’ve been through, perfect older sister Margot breaks up with him. And also, Lara Jean’s reaction wasn’t realistic. Neither was the family, who were all apparently in love with Josh. I would be like: “But why?” and “That’s completely stupid-have you not heard of a long distance relationship? If you really-apparently-‘loved’ him, why would you be doing this? JAnd Margot was a whole other story: bossy, unaccepting, she was mad rude to lara. And i have a sister so i know where its coming from but there is a difference from being caring and thats why you are hard to just being a buzzkill. Over all the characters were high key bronagh and did not change much at all. Margot is the good girl, Kitty is the cute little sister, Peter is the bad boy that was “different”, Josh is the super sweet boy next door.Lara Jean was pretty much the only character that i could find very relatable and was really the only one who had any good juice to her. The prologue and last chapter were by far the best in the whole book. But I think there were a lot of unresolved issues. I liked how Lara Jean went through all of the letters Peter gave her each day. The setting of the end of the book being New Years, and how there was a content feeling of everything being okay between Lara Jean and Josh was pretty cute. Now after reading that you’re probably thing Victoria loves that sappy garbage what is going on. But the juice is I couldn’t write long about why i liked it so here is all the negatives so i could at least get this sucker close to 600 words. 

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