This is a story all about how toms life got flipped, turned upside down

I actually found the story The Devil and Tom Walker to be quite enjoyable. I am not one for anything in the horror genre so I was very surprised that I liked it. That being said I did find the story a little hard to follow. I believe that this is due to the time that the story was written in. Some of the words and the phrasing were unlike how we speak today and that made it a little bit difficult to keep up with. Also unlike today writers in the past used a lot more symbolism which also contributed to my confusion because there were many subtle things that would have helped my understanding that went right over my head and were not pointed out until class discussion. The story was not like anything I have read before. I personally prefer softer types of stories such as romances and coming of age stories and tend to stay away from the darker horror and mystery side of reading. I think Irving wrote this story to talk about both how corrupt people can be and how all karma comes back. Every one of the rich men in Tom’s town made deals with the devil to obtain the success they reached, but in the end, they got what was due. The devil came and took their souls to hell. This could be compared to how today people say that famous and wealthy people “sold their souls”. I personally wouldn’t change all that much about the story because I feel as if that you were to change the dialogue and language of the text you would also have to change the time period and I think if that were to happen the story would not have the same effect on the reader. But if I had to choose one thing I would replace some of the words with ones that are slightly more modern not enough to change the feel but enough to get the message across without me googling words every paragraph. Overall I did enjoy the story and will most definitely read it again.

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