Monthly Archives: August 2018

New Year Same Tomfoolery

On Tuesday classes begun at Bloomsburg High School. Very exciting I know, the joy of coming in those doors with a fresh outfit on there is nothing better… not. I started off by over sleeping and hour and a half on Tuesday and arrived to school 20 minutes late which I’m sure made quite the first impression. I had more homework in the first week than I had about half the year last year ,and perusal my motto has become “I am ready to drop out”. I also never get to see my dog and I am consonantly starving. ( whoop whoop for 9 lunch!) On the bright side of everything I finally get to see my friends regularly which is delightful when I go weeks at a time without seeing them in the summer because I work. The only thing is unlike years prior I do not see people I am used to seeing a the time ad that kind of stinks.  Also school means no work and I love that. Football season has begun which makes me so happy even though I have no clue whats going on its just fun to support. ( even though we aren’t always on the winning side) I  am also really looking forward to the start of girls soccer. I’m not a big fan of the sport but I do really enjoy seeing all my friends play. A lot of my friends are starters now so I am really excited to watch them play especially after the great season they had last year. Pluses on the academic side are that school is a lot more of a challenge which I think will be good for me. I tend to be lazy about getting things done but I think because I have a lot of pressure on me from a lot of different classes ( and my parents) I will be motivated to get more done in a timely manner. I am really hoping that this school year turns out alright for me despite it’s rocky start. I have high hopes for my junior year and I can only hope it is better than the last 2.