Blog 20: Mini-blogs and Creepy Satire


The story of┬áThe Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County was entertaining to me. Wheeler’s response to the narrator was obviously just a ramble, and even if he was inquiring about Jim Smiley, it wouldn’t have helped him in the slightest. I thought the overall satire of the story was very amusing. As for my anticipatory thoughts on reading “Huckleberry Finn”, I know absolutely nothing about it. I have heard of it but have not so much as heard a sentence from the story. My perception of this when I read it will obviously change, but I feel it will be a darker humor sort of book. As for “IMom”, this film was incredibly creepy. It was obviously satirizing the flaws in technology and parenting in modern society, yet it didn’t seem very funny. I was more scared than anything during that film, as it was very dark. The message it conveyed though was quite clear. Technology will never be perfect, because we are imperfect beings, and we cannot remove every flaw from anything. I would keep going, but it is 12:30am, and we have to get up at 6am tomorrow. Well… today. Regardless, I will be ending this blog here, as in the instructions it seems to permit such an action, so long as I have adequately answered the questions with at least some elaboration.

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