Blog 16: Governmental Basics

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I partially agree with the idea that “…government is best which governs least…”. A government is there to provide its people a basis to spread their ideas. A government is there to represent the will of the people that gave it its power. A government is also there to advise its people in times or turmoil, and finally to maintain a fair economic and legal situation for its citizens and businesses. These are the purposes a government should serve, with few exceptions. A government obviously does need to govern a bit, otherwise it is anarchy, which is extremely detrimental to society. In regards to the individual, the government’s purpose is to provide you the opportunity to succeed based on our own efforts, and to make sure no one else interferes with your attempts unfairly or violently. Its purpose is also to advise and lead you based on what the collective believes. The type of government that commands my respect is one that knows its limits, but is confident in its abilities. In other words, a government that knows what it can and cant do very clearly. It would use every power it is given to execute the will of the people, yet respect each persons rights and freedom. In other words, a democracy with good leadership commands my respect. This is because it is the best kind of government for its citizens. It does everything it can to give you an even playing field, and leaves it entirely up to you to determine your level of success. It is arguably the fairest and most stable government we have developed, financially and militarily. The role of civil disobedience today has become much less intense, and is essentially to let the government and people around you know what you think should be changed. It is not still effective at all. Unless a movement had enough support for the use of true civil disobedience, the government could easily put it down. If someone refuses to pay their taxes for instance, they can suffer legal consequences that will force them to pay taxes. A government can easily use this too put down a movement, unless the movement has enough support to make it too risky to put down legally. In other words, civil disobedience has become more of a notification to the government that their is a problem you wish to be fixed, and less an active stance in affecting the way the government makes decisions around that issue.

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