Blog 13: The Tuition Hotseat


My topic for the debate is free college tuition. I am arguing for the pro side. This is unfortunately not my personal position on the topic, which will leave me at a disadvantage, but I have argued against my opinion in the past and I will again. The things I know is that a big argument against fee tuition is going to be where the money will come from. This is going to be the biggest trouble spot for me, but I believe I have an argument against it. I also know that I am on a position that will primarily take the moral high ground. This will be insufficient for a debate, so I must find statistics and facts that give me a logical position. I know there are benefits to free colleges, such as less student debt and better out fo school student performance. Not to mention increased credit scores for students and more disposable income that will go back into our economy. Obviously, I need to get stats and sources to support me. The first useful thing that came up on google was an article¬†that provides¬†how a free community college system could work. This is likely to come in handy to me. The main logical argument for this side and topic would likely be something related to the increase in disposable income for students if they aren’t burdened by student debt. The ethical argument that could be made for this argument is also the crippling amount of debt college students gather up during their education. We have formed a society where a college degree is essential if you want to make good money, yet to get this education we are draining students and their parents of the very thing they seek. It makes higher education less accessible to people. The emotional argument would be what I just transitioned into, access to education. We are denying students education by putting a paywall in front of it. It is a contradiction of our goals and therefore infuriating. At least this is how it is to me. Overall, I am pretty excited to research this topic further and construct my argument.

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