Blog 13: The Tuition Hotseat


My topic for the debate is free college tuition. I am arguing for the pro side. This is unfortunately not my personal position on the topic, which will leave me at a disadvantage, but I have argued against my opinion in the past and I will again. The things I know is that a big argument against fee tuition is going to be where the money will come from. This is going to be the biggest trouble spot for me, but I believe I have an argument against it. I also know that I am on a position that will primarily take the moral high ground. This will be insufficient for a debate, so I must find statistics and facts that give me a logical position. I know there are benefits to free colleges, such as less student debt and better out fo school student performance. Not to mention increased credit scores for students and more disposable income that will go back into our economy. Obviously, I need to get stats and sources to support me. The first useful thing that came up on google was an article that provides how a free community college system could work. This is likely to come in handy to me. The main logical argument for this side and topic would likely be something related to the increase in disposable income for students if they aren’t burdened by student debt. The ethical argument that could be made for this argument is also the crippling amount of debt college students gather up during their education. We have formed a society where a college degree is essential if you want to make good money, yet to get this education we are draining students and their parents of the very thing they seek. It makes higher education less accessible to people. The emotional argument would be what I just transitioned into, access to education. We are denying students education by putting a paywall in front of it. It is a contradiction of our goals and therefore infuriating. At least this is how it is to me. Overall, I am pretty excited to research this topic further and construct my argument.

Blog 12: Bureaucrats & New Year’s Shenanigans


My suggestion for the topic of our debate is the European Union. The question is, should it continue to exist, or should it be abolished. The opposing side, commonly conservative nationals so that is what I will call them, propose many downsides to the European Union. The defending side, typically liberal globalists so they will be referred to as such, propose many benefits to the European Union. The conservative nationals argue that the European Union is a counsel of bureaucrats that are out to use Europe to enrich themselves and push their political agenda onto European countries. Liberal globalists argue that the European Unions strives for the betterment of everyone and grants tremendous benefits financially and politically for Europe. I am personally more convinced by the conservative nationals as there are several examples of the European Union sweeping aside peoples personal freedoms. This is the primary reasons I have problems with the European Union, but there are several other reasons as well. For instance, some immigration is good, but letting millions of immigrants into your country with no penalty constantly has many adverse effects. Your culture will begin to fade into the culture of those immigrating, your government will look out to take better care of the disadvantaged immigrants than their own citizens, etc.. Not to mention these representatives (or at least a good portion of them) are in fact unelected, yet they are given the power to represent the entirety of Europe. Personally, I feel the EU shouldn’t be abolished, but I do think it needs to take a very serious look at itself and change for the better. Otherwise, there may be an Orwellian future awaiting us. On the topic of the new year though, I’m really not one for resolutions. I feel they are goals that are typically long term that people wish to undertake in a short time. Once they dont achieve this goal quickly, they abandon it all together. This process is unnecessary and disappointing in my mind. Regardless, if there was one thing I would improve about myself, it would be my level of self-awareness. In order to make anything better about myself, I first need to understand the problem thoroughly. In order to achieve this goal, I will continue to question my own reasoning, morality, and actions. The only thing standing in my way of this goal is the natural human condition. We are ignorant to our own actions, and constantly look for approval from others to justify the actions we take. This is an irritating feature of humanity that prevents such things as self-awareness. Nonetheless, I plan to do what I can to counteract it. Happy New Year!

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