Blog 11: A Lack of Morality and Good Internet


Well, this experiment was not incredibly enlightening. I am painfully aware of my own flaws and my inability to fix them. This is typical because I am a procrastinator, and fixing human flaws doesn’t have a due date. The virtue I did the worst on was industry. I am going to be completely honest here and say that I waited until Monday to even start recording my virtues, and even then, the data is lacking. On top of that I am “not finished yet” with my first book, so for every day I didn’t read it, even though I told myself I would, that was another dot. Being a procrastinator is good but bad and bad but good. It is great short term relaxation but immense long term stress. It’s like being trapped in a body of boredom and disconnection while I am screaming at myself in my mind to do something productive. My second worst and most notable failure is order. Like industry, I have short bursts of productivity and organization, but they are short lived. For some reason no matter how hard I try to keep myself organized I just don’t, and it’s all because I am flawed. In other words, I am lazy, and I have no one to blame but myself. My best virtue was chasity, for obvious reasons (you laugh here). My second best virtue was humility. While I am technically breaking humility by stating this, I find it hard to brag about myself without feeling like an *******. So I don’t say anything openly about thinking I am better than others, but there are definitely thoughts, whether they are morally right or wrong. But I am not counting thoughts because they do not affect others or their perception of you, and society is what determines morality. As for other thoings such as temperance and tranquility. These aren’t normally violated by me but lately there have been several back to back tech events. As a result I have been “over indulging” in food, but this is typical. I stress eat all the time. Tranquility is a different story, as when I am under pressure I usually do good, but I can lose my tolerance for any interruption or humor. In other words I can overreact often when it comes to doing things under pressure. While I am disappointed that these are parts of my character, it is human nature. I can try all I want to make these better, but they will never truely cease. Everyone will forever be morally imperfect in the eyes of others because of the very moral imperfection we have within us.


P.S. Another painful 30 minutes of attempting to get my fragile internet to exist in our dimension once again to post this blog.

Blog 10: Misinterpreting Poetry Pt. 3


My first impression of this poem was one of extreme confusion. It was worded so strangely and so abruptly that I had trouble figuring out the theme for a few hours if not a day. When I did figure out the theme though I had already made an assumption of what it was. I was close, saying that the authors little world represented order, but I misinterpreted this as him disliking order, not desiring it. I still have quite a few questions for the poem though. Some may seem obvious but I am obviously not the most knowing when it comes to poetry. First of all, what was the reason behind wording the poem so randomly and strangely. For example, we transition from the author putting his little world together straight into the meat of the poem. The real message of the author that I missed, the desire for order in a chaotic reality. Another question is the police sirens at the end. The message this is sending and the point of it being there is just flying right over my head. The only idea I could have is a representation of chaos in a world meant to be orderly. This is a bit of a stretch though. The sound and sense questions asked for this poem were slightly easier to answer as now I really knew what I was looking for. Unfortunately they are going along the lines of my incorrect assumption of the theme. The only difficulty I had with the questions was finding the poems reason for existing. The way writing poems has affected my analyzing is pretty significant. I immediately looked for stanzaic form and rhythm patterns as well as rhyme patterns. I was breezing through the first few questions but hit a wall as soon as it began asking for my interpretation. So writing poems has increased my ability to analyze poems, not give my perception of them. This is why I am still not a fan of analyzing poetry. And as such, I much prefer writing it. So I am hoping that there is little to no poetry analyzing left, though I feel my hopes are misplaced.

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