Blog 9: A Look at Cynical Ideals & Poetry


My perception of poetry has changed significantly. When we began it was like looking at dough but not knowing what it was made of. It is pretty nice and it’s good to have. I can also turn it into something better, but I didn’t quite know the makeup of the substance. Now I have made two poems or dough balls if you wish to stick to my analogy. It was pretty nice to write the poems and pretty easy considering I had some pretty good topics to write about. I do still enjoy writing poetry significantly more than analyzing it though. My second poems topic though. It is definitely a pretty sad one. There were several analogies in the poem that would make it crystal clear if you got them. The topic was essentially a cynical outlook of absolutely everything and everyone in life. How a character became just as tough and cold as the others did. This is something I have to build off of for most people. First of all if you are cynical then you believe that people do everything for themselves. You believe that human integrity is untrustworthy at best. I am cynical as nothing I have seen has been out of self interest. Before I give you examples I want to point something out. If someone does something out of self interest it doesn’t mean this is going to always hurt others. In fact, the majority of self interested actions help others. For instance if someone volunteers, they are achieving a higher public opinion of themselves. They are also giving themselves a boost to their confidence because they feel good for helping people. On the other hand whatever they are doing for other people is 90% of the time benefiting others. This is still a self interested decision, whether the person intends it to be or not. But it is still benefiting others, so it isn’t a bad decision. I know this wont change a lot of minds, and I am not saying this position is intelligent or dumb, as that is irrelevant. I am hoping this was an adequate argument for cynicism that has the reader at least consider their position though. Next though, I’m not too sure how adding images to my poem could help. Trees could be used in images to assist with the uncovering of the analogies. It could be used to help set the gloomy tone and mood of the whole poem. I am not entirely sure what else images could be used for. Overall though poetry has become a lot more interesting for me. I am still not great at analyzing poetry itself but I enjoy writing pieces, regardless of how bad or good they may be.

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