Blog 1: Broken Blogs and Extracurricular Madness

So I just wrote the entire blog and hit publish. It then requested I sign in and so I did. It did not publish the blog and it did not save it either. So I am now writing this yet again. So let’s begin yet again I suppose. When I started school on Monday I had to get a new uniform for band. This wasn’t too bad but I couldn’t do it because we had a surprise class meeting that me and another had to run as auditorium technicians. So we planned to find me one the next day yet again there was a surprise assembly. We ran it and still couldn’t fit me for a uniform because of the conflicting schedule. Finally I got it at the end of the day and we moved on to the next day for the parent show. Everyone was pretty nervous for our first public performance, but aside from a few rough spots and rain it went over pretty well. Thursday was primarily uneventful along with the rest of the week. It was mostly pre-tests, syllabus stuff, rules, emergency policies, etc.. We then got to Friday, which was our first football game of the season. The band had not actually marched on a field yet with our new show. We were all pretty worried about how we were going to do since this wasn’t our parents, like the other show. We actually did surprisingly well aside form a few hiccups but nothing major. Once I got off of the field and got home, I grabbed a shower, ate, brushed, and went to bed immediately. The work from school and all of the extracurricular activities are a lot of work, but it is pretty worth it as you get a lot of good times from them. I am hoping though that the rest of the school year can be a little less hectic as this week was an absolute nightmare for scheduling and being organized. Anyway, now it is the weekend and it is completely free, much to my delight. I hope the publish button for this blog will now work and I am hoping that this quick re-write of my previous 500 word blog isn’t too painfully boring.¬† Here’s hoping for a good grade and a much more stable and calm school year!


(Upload wasn’t working for this blog site likely due to my crappy internet so here is a link to the image for this blog on another image sharing site:¬†

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