S7, E1: Nepotism

I have used this title for today’s blog because in this episode of The Office, Michael makes his nephew the intern at the office. When introducing himself, the nephew lists his favorite movies, one of them being Citizen Kane. So I figured it was fitting for this blog.

Overall, I thought the story was pretty good. The plot was well thought out and had good character arcs. Obviously, as with any old movie like that, it would look better remade with today’s technology, but we can not do anything about that. It was definitely a little boring. I felt like it would have been better and more entertaining as an hour long episode of a show. I think the Family Guy clip pretty much summed it up, the hype around the movie is so big, but after all it is not really that astounding of a concept and I would probably prefer to watch most today’s movies over it. I will not lie, one of the worst parts of the movie was when the “singer” (I forget her name) was just sitting there complaining. I understand why she was mad, but like just shut up. Also to go to the ugly category, the makeup on Kane got increasingly worse as the movie went on for some reason. I understand it was really just to symbolize Kane getting older, but it just looked awful, especially his double chin. I did like the comedy in it. It was not an overwhelming amount for a relatively serious movie, and the rare occasions it happened, it was surprisingly well done.

The film was made around the time where that cliche idea of the American Dream was formed. Almost immediately logical people realized and saw that having all the money in the world does not automatically make you happy. The material things do not really make us happy, but more the sweet memories that we can never get back. This can be seen in Kane’s quest for happiness, where he used multiple people to get things he thought would bring him happiness, like obtaining even more power through a political position, or having a relationship with a famous singer who doesn’t know who he is and genuinely likes him.

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