S4, E3&4: Dunder Mifflin Infinity

I chose today’s title because that episode dealt with the company completely being redesigned and bringing a lot of new technology, including a website. This influx of technology is similar to iMom but in fact does not cook a baby at the end of the episode.

I didn’t mind the story. I enjoy satire, specifically the humorous aspect of it. However, in this story, I didn’t really see the main humor until you explained it to us in class. Originally, I thought the only funny part of the story was Simon Wheeler himself, when in fact the funniest part was how bad the narrator got played. First by his friend sending him on a wild goose chase and then by the Simon who completely wasted his time.

From what I have seen so far, I think I will enjoy Mark Twain’s works. As long as it contains the same satire and humor. I know nothing about Huck Finn except for what you said in class. I assume it is going to be similar to the short story in style, except being able to satirize a lot more considering the length of a book vs. short story.

I liked the short film iMom. It was done pretty well. I like Black Mirror, and this was very similar, in fact if you told me it was a Black Mirror episode, I would have completely believed you. My favorite part of it were the “great” parents they showed giving their iMom testimonies. Two main things were being satirized in the film. The main one was technology. The fact that technology is what we make of it and how it is taking over society. The second thing was parenting. This was represented by all the terrible sets of parents at the beginning. 

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