S5, E3: Business Ethics

I do agree that less government is better, but not no government because that is anarchy and would cause chaos. The government really only needs to be involved police, fire rescue, and other first respondents as well as basic infrastructure. The government does need to be involved with businesses and healthcare. This would just be socialism and would eventually lead to communism. The government really shouldn’t be involved with the individual citizen. They should be able to make choices and have a job that pays different than jobs better or worse than it. Individuality is key and unavoidable. People naturally want to be different from one another and have their own things. With too much government intervention, individuality is lost.

The government described above commands my respect. It is a capitalistic economy, but not completely laissez-faire. This is what our country was founded on. Freedom is in American citizens’ nature and is something we need to Americans. Having anything other than a free-market economy would simply be unAmerican and would not work, as seen in any example of communism ever. I feel like to day more than ever there are a lot of self-proclaimed socialists/communists. They don’t understand how unethical communism is.

Today’s protests are very unique. On the right, I don’t feel like I have seen many protests. Conservatives are generally more confident in the morality of their positions and views so they don’t need to go prove they are doing the right thing to the left. The left, however, is the exact opposite. They see their following falling off and are desperate to get people to agree with them through any means possible. The fact that today’s protests by the left would even be compared to the peaceful protests of Martin Luther King and Gandhi, is outrageous. If you look in today’s media, a vast majority of political protests happen on college campuses, especially when a conservative speaker is coming their for a talk. These “protests” or more appropriately called riots are riddled with groups like Antifa who use unnecessary violence to convene their beliefs, however they are just seen as idiots committing unwarranted violence. Today’s left is so against free speech that it isn’t even funny. Peaceful protest is still very effective in today’s world and used a lot, but overshadowed by unjustified “protests” like these.

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