S3, E14: The Return

I’ve titled today’s blog pretty obviously. We are returning from Christmas break, therefore “The Return.”

Part 1:

A current issue that would make a good debate is the argument to add an hour of school to days Tuesday-Friday, and then in turn have Monday off, making every weekend a three day weekend.

  1. The argument for this is that there is a longer weekend, giving more recharge time for students and more time to complete assignments. Also students may be in a better mood for the week. This could eliminate the psychological terror of Mondays as well.
  2. The other argument is that the education system is fine the way it is. This would technically be losing school time. Also, this would cause some parents to pay for childcare on Mondays, also psychologically, Tuesday would likely just become Monday. Another point is that schools already have certain after school activities and practices that could be drastically effected.

As a student, I support adding the hour. A longer weekend is always good and enjoyable and Mondays are almost never good. I really don’t see what it hurts tremendously.

Part 2:

Thus far my school year has gone pretty good. Not much to complain about. If I could change one thing, it would be to add a day to Christmas Vacation, for good! First of all, who in their right mind would think that a bunch teenagers would be fine going to back to school with such little time to catch up on sleep and recoup. Also, even if they can’t give us the 2nd off every year, why would they give us a half day on a Friday? Half-days are useless and a waste of time, especially when that time could just be added onto the end of the break. I would go about changing this by bringing it up at one of the leadership luncheons, however, I unfortunately was already at one and forgot to bring it up. There really isn’t much I can do about it at this moment. The main thing that would prevent me from making this change would be authority figures saying they can’t do it just because.

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