S5, E12: The Duel

I’ve titled today’s blog fittingly with the upcoming debate. Friends will be dueling friends and will not be friends for that day. I got the topic Net Neutrality. I have to argue for Net Neutrality. This is not my position on the topic. I am not that frustrated because it is not a very big […]

S3, E14: The Return

I’ve titled today’s blog pretty obviously. We are returning from Christmas break, therefore “The Return.” Part 1: A current issue that would make a good debate is the argument to add an hour of school to days Tuesday-Friday, and then in turn have Monday off, making every weekend a three day weekend. The argument for […]

S8, E10: Christmas Wishes

I’ve titled today’s blog this for two reasons. One is obviously because it is almost Christmas. And two, because when we began this little unit about the virtues, my only WISH was that you would not make us do it ourselves. However, we inevitably had to. The experiment was certainly interesting, and obviously a huge […]

S6, E13: Secret Santa

I chose today’s title because it is December and I am going to make every title this month related to Christmas. My first impression of the poem was utter confusion and hate. At first glance it seemed to be a very chaotic and poorly written poem. There was no set structure or rhyme or most […]

S4, E16: Did I Stutter?

My perception of poetry has not changed. I still see it as generally boring unless in song form. I have never been like, “I’m bored. Oh, let’s read some poetry!” From now on I will likely never be able to look at a poem without seeing the rhyme scheme or rhythm pattern. I assume this […]

S2, E20: The Carpet

Today’s title is completely random because there were no “The Office” episode titles that contained the words poetry or suffering. Eldorado is the only poem we have really read and I did not enjoy it. I just feel like having to dissect these poems and find “meanings” and “symbols” that the poet likely didn’t even mean to […]

S2, E5: Halloween

I chose today’s title because we are pretty close to Halloween and I couldn’t find any episodes of “The Office” that mentioned something about reading or books. This whole independent reading thing is not something I enjoyed. I don’t like reading in general, added on top of all the things I had to do outside […]

S7, E13; Ultimatum

I chose today’s title due to the second part of the blog prompt. We’ve come to the point where we should be done with our first book, and inevitably… I am not. I am enjoying my book. I have not picked out a second book yet. I’ll probably read another nonfiction because I enjoy it […]

S4, E17: Job Fair

I chose today’s title purely because it was the only episode title that had anything to do with a fair. My story is a survivor-esque story. Three friends, Kirby, Chris, and Tim, decide to test their survival skills in the unfamiliar Sahara Desert. The complicating factor is obviously the guys deciding to go to Africa. […]

S2, E8: Performance Review

I chose today’s title based on the fact that you are having us do this blog to check our performance reading our books. Whether it be how we are comprehending our book or how far we’ve read, this is essentially a “performance review.” I am reading Unlikely Warrior: A Jewish Soldier In Hitler’s Army by Georg Rauch, […]