At first I was fully expecting just another boring old film. Vertigo was a tad boring and not very intriguing. I find that to be the case with most old films. I don’t know what it is but I just find it difficult to appreciate them the way most do. They aren’t bad and I recognize their excellence but they just really aren’t for me. All this being said I thoroughly enjoyed Citizen Kane. It was dynamic and so intriguing. The character development of Charles was incredible to watch. even though it’s still not as good as Zuko’s character arc in Avatar the Last Airbender. On top of the whole movie was making fun of a very powerful man in America that had pretty much complete control over media. What was ugliest about the movie was Kane being stripped from his family because of this money he had inherited. It didn’t seem right even though he was going to be rich and that banker was going to teach him how to use his wealth. After that though what was great is Charles didn’t go into what the banker wanted him to do but rather he pursued what he wanted and created an empire out of a small newspaper company. What is the most sad unfortunately is he never had a family to love him so that’s all he wants from people. Unfortunately he was such a man of power and control he wanted to control his love as well. All the people that ever said they loved him have always left him in the end because he wanted love on his own terms which isn’t right. He gave things to people so they would say they love him but eventually everything loses meaning and the people he loves feel lost so they stop loving him. The ugliest things in the film were Charles in his later years. He was that his worst points then. He built a castle that was full of nothing and no one. Just his massive collection of things that had no sentimental worth. This film never really struck the American Dream. Charles was only rich when his father struck gold. So he really didn’t start with nothing and he more or less just got lucking having that gold. The part of the american dream of building off what you have was covered perfectly. Unfortunately none of that mattered because he had so much money and so many possessions but it all didn’t matter because no one loved him. Charles can’t be happy because he wants everyone to love him on his terms and conditions. He couldn’t let love be love because he would feel vulnerable. The key figures made it clear that you can’t buy happiness which is what Charles tried to do. They taught the audience that finding love is to have true happiness and love can only be earned.

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