Now I’m not a political/controversial person so this took a while to think of but I would debate music and art in the educational system. The two sides are keeping it in the system and getting rid of it for money to be put towards other important subjects like English, science, history, and math. The side I am on is arguing that music and art create free thinkers. They teach you to think creatively to solve problems and get past challenges. The other side argues that they aren’t important for becoming a functioning person in society and that there is no use for it when getting a degree and getting a job to contribute to society. I am for keeping music in schools because if we don’t then there will be lifeless, dull, robotic students and people meaninglessly working there job. “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” – Plato

My school year has been much better than sophomore year but yet still not what it should be. Not what it can be. To change I have become more organized and I have spent much less time with friends and put that into studying and school work. Instead of having the desire for excellent grades I am trying to get in the mind set of desiring knowledge. I am going to put my effort into learning and I believe that that will improve my grades. Except for quizzes and tests. I will have to study for those but not as much because I will have had learned it in the first place. So its all good. Totally fine. I would like to improve my motivation to actually get my work done and enjoy it. I’m not sure how i am going to go about it. I think it my have to do with a change in attitude with school. All my life I have only been interested in music and writing. I have to have an attitude that says I will enjoy all my subjects because I have to. Just keep taking small steps of progress everyday until I have achieved what I need to achieve. achieve this goal is everything to me. Above everything else in my life because if I don’t I will never survive college. I’ll never get a degree, have a job, live my life. Can you tell I’m terrified? But I’ll turn that fear into motivation. I’m a believer in sacrificing happiness to achieve the ultimate happiness and these next five or six years will be exactly that. The only thing stopping me is depression and maybe my father I don’t know.

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