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Lonely Old Man Kane

At first I was fully expecting just another boring old film. Vertigo was a tad boring and not very intriguing. I find that to be the case with most old films. I don’t know what it is but I just… Continue Reading →

Screw Tradition!

The Love Song was really all about a man who is sad and depressed, not to mention ridden with anxiety, who wants to talk to a girl he has a bit of a crush on.This girl is a high class… Continue Reading →

This is What The iDad Would Be

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County was a cute little short story. Understanding the joke at the end was extra special though. It was so well put together and I never would have noticed the joke at the end…. Continue Reading →


I have been surrounded by satire and humor my whole life. I was introduced to SNL and Whose Line is it Anyways at an early age so the best humor tv has to offer has always been provided to me…. Continue Reading →

First and Last Thirty Minutes of Vertigo

I thought Vertigo was going to be just another really old film that I probably wouldn’t like because I usually don’t like old movies except for Cool Hand Luke, and Bridge Over The River Kwai. But it didn’t turn out… Continue Reading →

Yoda Is The Best

At first I didn’t understand a word that was written on that page. I decided to not give up there though. I traversed into the dark depth of thoughts of Walt Whitman that were written on the page. I was… Continue Reading →

Civil Disobedience… I Remember When I Would Read Other Peoples Blogs… HAH

I do think government is best when it governs least. The communist system has never worked and the government controls pretty much everything. America has always been small government but times do change and the government has to change with… Continue Reading →

I’ve Never Been More Outside My Comfort Zone In My Life

Preparing for this terribly awful debate has been one of the worst things I have ever done. I thoroughly disliked it to the point where I wanted to throw my surface pro out the window. Why is there so much… Continue Reading →

The Wall! It’s Gonna Be Huuge.

So I will be debating the wall at our southern border. My assigned position is to debate for building the wall, closing our southern border. My personal position on the wall stands against the idea. I don’t think it will… Continue Reading →

It’s Been Slow, But I’m Getting My Shtuff Together

Now I’m not a political/controversial person so this took a while to think of but I would debate music and art in the educational system. The two sides are keeping it in the system and getting rid of it for… Continue Reading →

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