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Vertigo Review


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When I got back from vacation and heard we were watching Vertigo I was interested to find out what it was about. When I realized it was an older movie I wasn’t as excited about it. My dad watches a bunch of old movies all the time and I can not stand how fake they seem and how the actors act. I understand that these are old movies and acting is new at this time but I am to used to modern movies I cant get past the acting. Before watching the movie I did just a little bit of research to get the gist of what was going on. What I read was that a man must try to save a girl from committing suicide but he is afraid of heights. This interested me because I was curious if he was going to be able to. After watching the whole movie I am shocked to actually be admitting it was a decent movie. I didn’t think I would like it much at all but I was wrong. I honestly liked the whole plot of the movie. I think it was well thought out with the setting and the plot twist and this really kept me interested for the whole movie. One thing I do not like the most about this movie is the way the actors kiss. It is so weird and cringey and just really disgusting to watch. I don’t even know how they filmed that and thought “oh yes that looks good”. Another thing I didn’t like was how bad of a spy Scottie is. When he is following Madeline he can be easily seen or he follows like directly behind her in this car. If I were her I would have realized very quickly that he was following me. For a modern audience I would probably take some of the scenes out that were confusing/weird and replace them with something that makes the story flow better. Something else that would just make it 10 times better is just better acting and more high tech cameras and backgrounds and things like that.



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