Civil Disobedience

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In an ideal world I would say I agree with the statement “that government is best which governs least”. I would like to agree with that because I believe the government should be about the needs of society and not about the benefit of the people in charge. That being said the people in charge of a government are no more capable of making the “right” decisions than the citizens are, but I think we need people to lead to a certain extent. If we were to lessen the amount of power our government has would that mean less laws, less punishment, less restrictions? As a result of that would people be less likely to rebel because there are not as many laws put in place? Or would there be more madness because of there being no consequences to bad actions? It is to hard to say what would happen in that case so that is why I don’t think it could ever happen. I think the kind of government that commands your respect is a very strict government. An example of this I think would be a¬†communist government. In these types of governments everything is controlled and owned by the government and the citizen are limited knowledge of the outside world to help control them. As a citizen there you have no say in what they decide to do. So you must respect it and do what they say or you will most likely be killed or but in jail for not following the rules. A government I would respect is one that takes the views and needs of the people into consideration and respects there privacy. I think civil disobedience is an important role in our society because it can be effective if it is done right. When it is done right I think it can make major changes for society. In our world now there are a lot of protests going on like Black Lives Matter, Woman’s March and March For Our Lives. These movements are all protesting the governments polices in proper ways. Although sometimes they can get out of hand and end in violence most of the biggest protests/ movements were successful.


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