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No Debates :))

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I would say I have learned a lot about arguing after this unit. In the beginning of the unit I really never thought much about how I argue, how other people argue, or the types of fallacies everyone uses in there arguments. For me personally I only like to argue on topics I know a lot of information about. When I found out that we had to debate a picked topic, by ourselves, I was not excited at all. In previous years in school there have been constructed debates / arguments on topics but it was always one group of people against the other. I liked those debates because I liked to hear other people besides me argue and listen to the points they made. I liked this better than arguing myself because I think the hardest part of arguing for me was being able to understand the topic enough to say something that would be hard poke holes in and also coming up with quick responses. Furthermore having to take all the facts and research for the argument and putting it into sentences is hard for me. The one good part of the debate assignment that I liked better than other debating was how it was structured. I liked that we had the constructive, cross examination questions, rebuttal, and a conclusion. I liked that it had an order with a certain amount of time for each part, and that the person you were against couldn’t just speak whenever they wanted to. After the unit a little has changed about the way I think about arguing. Now when I think about how other people argue or political debates I think about all the fallacies they probably use intentionally and unintentionally. I know just by thinking back to old arguments that the way my peers and I argue the most is by using fallacies. The experience of trying to write a persuasive speech for my topic was difficult for me. I think it was hard for me because I can’t take the information I find from my research and put it into sentences to make a strong argument.





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