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Death Penalty

My topic for the debate is the death penalty. I have to argue in favor of the death penalty and that it should be legal. My personal position on this is more towards pro than con. I would only be in favor if there was a certain process for a period of sometime to make sure somebody is not wrongly convicted. Or have the system make sure the person is proven guilty before they are put on death row. Also I don’t think someone should get the death penalty unless they have murdered a lot of people or done something really bad. I would say my knowledge on this topic before research is minimal. I do know that in some states it is still allowed and people arguing in favor of it say it saves the government money to do lethal injection instead of paying for them to stay alive in a high security prison. Also people in favor argue that with such a harsh punishment it would scare people away from committing those crimes.  I also know that people arguing against it there main arguments are that it is murder and people can be wrongly convicted and sent to death row. With a basic google search of “death penalty” many interesting things come up. The first thing that comes up is another term for death penalty which is capital punishment and it has a definition of what it is. The next is top news stories involving the death penalty. They are as recent as from today and yesterday. The next thing that comes up are tweets regarding the death penalty and talking about it. I plan to address this topic with a logical approach by looking up facts and statistics that support how it cost less, how many people actually receive it that are not wrongly convicted. Also statics on how the crime rate may go down with the death penalty being legalized. An ethical issue regarding this topic is whether it is ever morally right to deprive a human being of life.  Emotions on this topic are brought into play on either side you are on. people argue that justice needs to be guided by fact and by law, not by emotion.

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