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How to be a decent human



When we first started Franklin’s Virtues I thought they were pretty foolish. Him making these virtues for himself to follow to be perfect is kinda weird to me. Some of his virtues I thought were too broad and different people could have interpreted it different ways. Other virtues he wrote I thought were a little to specific and did not really relate to overall being perfect a good or “perfect” person. When I found out we were going to have to try and follow them ourselves I knew I would not be able to follow all of them. Probably one of the virtues I do not follow the most is cleanliness. I am a clean person and shower and wear clean clothes and things like that, but other than that my room is never clean. I always have clothes everywhere, water bottles, and shoes. In that aspect I think that would go along with another one of Franklin’s Virtues that was Order. In my life I try to have order and try to make a schedule and plan when I am going to do things I have to get done but I rarely follow it because I like to procrastinate a lot. The second part of Order we interpreted was to organize your belongings and that does not happen either besides my school work. One of Franklin’s Virtues I was able to follow for the whole week was Temperance. I do not think this one is that hard to follow but I think sometimes it is okay to break this virtue as long as it does not happen too much. I mean we all need to eat fat holiday dinners and feel stuffed after because that is the best part. A virtue I did not follow much the past week was frugality. Some of the time I spend my money on point less that my parents wont buy for me. The only reason I really do that is because my parents mostly buy me everything so I don’t have to save much of my own money. If I did have to pay for my own stuff I think it would be easier to follow this virtue.

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