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The first time reading “The Dodo’s Conundrum” some parts were really confusing. As I was reading some parts I read and thought ok I can make some sense of what that means. Other¬† parts I had no clue what it meant or if there was any underlying reference/ meaning. Finding the theme of this poem was a little more difficult for me than the other poems we have done. I think it was more difficult because of the parts I didn’t understand. After reading it multiple times I am still not sure what the author is trying to say. Something in the work that is still confusing to me is the structure of the poem. One of the questions brought to my attention was by how the poem was structured did it add meaning to the poem. The poem goes from stanzaic form to free verse and then it keeps rotating throughout. The only logical reasoning I could come up with for the why the author did this was that it is trying to represent how our lives don’t stay on track, there are some ups and downs. Another thing I was confused about was the references the poem made and they had numbers next to them and then at the bottom it told us what it was referring to. I guess that was supposed to help you understand more and then maybe be able to understand what the author meant but it did not work for me. I feel like the Sound and Sense questions we had to answer were easier for the poem “Eldorado” than doing the for “The Dodo’s Conundrum”. I feel like this because after we analyzed that poem I understood it a lot more which made the questions that much easier. I feel that if we had analyzed “The Dodo’s Conundrum” before doing the questions it would have helped me understand so much more and would have also made the questions easier to do. From writing my own poetry it has helped me be able to look at other poems and notice the rhyme scheme and stanza form. With that try to understand why the author may have chosen one style over the other for there poem.

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