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Poem about my fav good boy


Since we first started poetry my perception has changed a little bit. At first I did not really like it much at all, especially because half the stuff we read in school I don’t understand. After writing with requirements the way I look at poems others have written has not changed much. The only thing that probably changed is now I understand the stanza forms and rhyme patterns more and can pick them out from reading them. The first poem I wrote was really bad. It hardly followed any of the rhyme patterns or stanza forms. I wanted to do it about food but then I was told to make it more specific so I picked pie. Overall it was just really terrible. so then i decided to just switch the whole topic and do it about my dog. The second poem improved so much compared to the first one in my opinion. It is about my golden doodle Max. I had some good ideas for what I would write in my poem and I thought it would be funny so I went with it. This time I actually tried a little bit more and thought about the syllables in each line and the rhyme scheme. It took some help from and Sage but I would say the final product is pretty solid. After writing the second poem I have to say I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Whenever I think poems I think deep and meaningful with some underlying life lesson and that is just not something I could write. On the other hand happy, funny, joyful poems that don’t really mean much more than what they flat out say, I think I could do more of and actually like it. To present my second poem in pictures I could just get pictures of my Max doing different things related to the words. I think the pictures could add meaning when I say “he gets sad” and then have a picture of him after he was yelled at with his sad puppy face to help the reader visualize the text.

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