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dislike reading


My idea for this whole story has changed since we first started. At first I picked the six word short story “Kirby had never eaten toes before”. My idea for this story was a guy who is kinda like a sugar daddy and would send money to these girls for sending pictures of there feet. Then he gets to obsessed and goes to kidnap them and then eats there toes. It’s definitely wack and most of my idea was influenced by criminal minds cause I love that show and something like this is definitely possible on that show. The reason I didn’t do this story is because I don’t think I could have written enough or made it as interesting as I imagine it. I then changed my six words to “she laughed harder at his jokes” to write a love story. My first idea was to have a couple travel to France and the boy gets shot and then not long after the girl falls in love with a guy from France. Then she is torn between whether she wants to stay there longer or go back home. My idea then changed a bit to having the couple be moving to France and the girl accepting a job instead of just going on a vacation. I thought this was more believable especially if the guy is going to die. Also I changed how he is going to die. In my story now the dog eats his passport and not the girls so the girl gets to fly to France before him and start work. He then is going to fly over later. He then is going to die on the plane and a year later she is going to meet the guys she is going to fall in love with. The first book I read was pretty interesting. Sage recommended it to me because she has already read and it and she thought I would like it and I did. I’m not sure what I am going to read for book two but I wouldn’t mind if it was like the one I just read.



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