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terrible short story


The six word short story I picked is “she laughs harder at his jokes”. I picked this one because I thought I could make a love story type piece out of it and love stories are my favorite. I developed some of the ideas with help from my table but also I just knew I wanted to write a love story. My story is not going to have a happily ever after for Trace and Cleo like most love stories. Trace and Cleo are going to travel to France for a months vacation and one morning he is going to get shot in a cafe. This idea came to me because I saw these girls that were traveling on Instagram and they were in Croatia. So I thought I could make a couple travel over to Europe on a romantic vacation. I picked France because it would be more common for them to know french than Croatian. If it weren’t for the language difficulty it would definitely be in Croatia because it is beautiful and I am definitely going there some day. The activities we have done made me think more about the conflicts that are going to happen in my story. It made me actually come up with a conflict instead of just writing a dry boring story. I mean it is definitely still going to be boring and cliche but it is what it is. The way I think about writing a story has not changed much. I suck at writing and this year I am hoping to work on it and get better. After the deconstruction it seemed like it was going to make the story writing a lot easier. Setting up the story in a plot diagram helped a lot with where I wanted to take my story and what was gonna happen. After most of the papers we did involving what was going to happen in our story my idea would change slightly. I still think what I have planned for my story is probably going to change. Overall I am still dreading writing this paper and nothing that we have done has made me want to write this story at all. I am in no way creative enough to make this story interesting 🙁

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