The New Year

Wow, it’s finally 2019, what a long year. One thing that I will miss about 2018 is being 16. Having a birthday on New Year’s  day is nice because i can literally say I’m a year older. Things that I hope to accomplish for the year are, less procrastination, better grades, the ability to openly talk about my personal problems, and swearing less. I really hope I can accomplish these things, because doing so would help me become a better person.


I do procrastinate a lot, weather people notice it or not. Most of the things I do are done last minute and are not done well. One example of this is the last blog I did. I did it on the night before it was due, and it was the worst one I’ve ever written.


My grades are another thing I’d love to improve in the upcoming year. Most of my grades are in the low 80’s and I don’t like that. It makes me look less intelligent than I actually am. As my father once told me, “Buddy, you have a head full of wonderful ideas and lots of knowledge. Use it”. I just wish I could have started at a better time.


Another thing I would love to do is become more open about my personal feelings and problems. I wish I wasn’t shy like I am. I have emotions bottled up inside of me and sometimes it hurts. It feels like aches and pains in the pit of my stomach, or it gives me a pounding headache.


Swearing less is  an easy fix. I just need to filter my thoughts more and make a n attempt to not swear. I don’t even know where I got that habit from, maybe it was just hanging out with the wrong people, or maybe I started playing video games with open communication systems too much.


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