Citizen Kane

My reaction from the beginning of the film to the ending of the film were two very different reactions. I don’t know why but when the opening scene was playing it reminded me of Beauty and the Beast lol. Anyway my reaction to the film overall was that it was kinda boring, but still kept you interested, if that makes any sense. The good parts were when he was happy when he was with his first wife Emily in the beginning of their marriage and also when he won governor. The bad parts was when he was accused of cheating on his wife with Susan and also when people were trying so hard to figure out what his last word meant because they had no clue why. There weren’t any really ugly parts except when he was in his newspaper building by himself after his “scandal” was put into the paper and everyone kind of just left him there lonely. The thing that we are supposed to take away from this film for the commentary of the American Dream is that everyone wants to be rich and have everything they want. The reason Charles wasn’t happy was because even though he had everything, he didn’t really have the childhood he wanted back where he came from, that’s the reason his last word was rosebud.

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