Honestly, I didn’t know the word satire existed until we started talking about it in class. Now that I know what it is, I experience a lot of satire and humor in my daily life due to my family and friends. I feel like satire is used a lot now when talking about Trump because so many people think of him being the president as a joke.  The types of humor that I enjoy the most are physical and dark humor. A dark humor joke that I found online just now is, “I asked this pretty, young homeless woman if I could take her home. She smiled at me and said yes. The look on her face soon changed, however, when I walked off with her cardboard box.” This is the most appropriate dark humor joke that made me laugh a little bit. If I’m being honest all my jokes or things that I find funny are extremely horrible so if I was to put one on this blog, I would probably be sent to the guidance office lol. I also find physical humor funny, especially if it’s someone falling down the stairs or just falling in general. A story that I have of physical humor is when someone was at my house and they fell down my stairs. Then we went out to walk my dog and they fell on these stairs that were outside because they weren’t paying attention. I have no clue who Mark Twain is or what he does. I feel like I’ve heard his name before, but my memory is bad so I don’t know. One very interesting fact that I found about Mark Twain was that he was born a little after Halley’s Comet and died the day after it returned. His style of writing is different from other authors in his time. He would add satire to his writing, but you wouldn’t notice until you read the story for a second or third time. He also makes his stories feel realistic and like you are experiencing it with the people in the story.

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