Civil Disobedience

I don’t agree because what it’s basically saying is that the government shouldn’t do it’s job basically. That us citizens should be able to make the rules or decisions for our country, which could turn out really bad. The role of government is people who control and make decisions for a country. The role of government and it’s relation on citizens is that we get to make some of the decisions for the government and they either get vetoed or they go through with it. At least the people have a say in what goes on in what’s happening in their country. The government that respects your commands is basically a laissez faire government that doesn’t really control what people do with their businesses and respect their opinion. The reason why it’s that type of government is because it’s a hands off government so the people feel like they are in control of what happens. The role of civil disobedience for people to peacefully protest and if they act out, then you have to pay a fine or higher taxes for it. Yes it is still effective in modern times. People in this modern day of age still protest and there is sometimes they break out in riots, but then they know there’s prices to pay when they do. Protesting is a way for people to get their point across to the government about what they support or don’t support. 

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