Civil Disobedience

I don’t agree because what it’s basically saying is that the government shouldn’t do it’s job basically. That us citizens should be able to make the rules or decisions for our country, which could turn out really bad. The role of government is people who control and make decisions for a country. The role of government and it’s relation on citizens is that we get to make some of the decisions for the government and they either get vetoed or they go through with it. At least the people have a say in what goes on in what’s happening in their country. The government that respects your commands is basically a laissez faire government that doesn’t really control what people do with their businesses and respect their opinion. The reason why it’s that type of government is because it’s a hands off government so the people feel like they are in control of what happens. The role of civil disobedience for people to peacefully protest and if they act out, then you have to pay a fine or higher taxes for it. Yes it is still effective in modern times. People in this modern day of age still protest and there is sometimes they break out in riots, but then they know there’s prices to pay when they do. Protesting is a way for people to get their point across to the government about what they support or don’t support. 

Thoreau’s Attempt

There are many connections that I can make between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s thoughts. Such as, how they feel about nature. They both think that everyone should appreciate the world around us and stop thinking so much about materialistic things.I think the main point of “Where I Lived and What I Lived For” is how we should appreciate nature and people shouldn’t be greedy, because there are people out there that have less than what they do. I feel like the main point of “The Conclusion” is explaining how we should be happy for what we have and that money isn’t always a necessity. Also, I think another main point in “The Conclusion” is that we should all take some time and try new things without electronics and away from the city. The benefits of Thoreau’s experiment would be that he’s closer to nature and would have a better connection with it. He could see how animals live and how it feels to have basically nothing while living in the woods through each season. If I was doing this experiment, I would probably miss the noise. I feel like it’s really quiet in the woods and you would hear every little thing which could be scary. I would also miss electricity and plumbing because if you’re in the woods it gets very dark and that could scare some people because they won’t know what’s going on. I don’t think I could do this experiment because there are some scary things in the woods. I think a lesson that modern people should take out of Transcendentalism is that they should put down their phones and enjoy nature. The reason why I think this is because everyone nowadays is glued to their phones and doesn’t take the time out of their day to go and smell the flowers or just enjoy the outside. 

End of Argument

My thoughts have changed about how to construct an argument by the end of this unit. The reason why we argue is to prove that we are right about a certain topic or because we disagree with something. You should are when you disagree with something or trying to get your point across on why you are right. When arguing, you shouldn’t scream at each other, you should let one person get their point across at a time and then come to an agreement at the end. The way I argue is to get my point across to the other person and tell them my opinion on a situation. The way some of the people I’m around construct arguments is they don’t actually. They usually say whatever to try to hurt the other person so they can win the argument. Some adults give out good points why their right and some of them try to tell you why you’re wrong. To develop a valid argument you have to use logical statements and you should put emotional statements in there too because it could affect how the other person feels. My thoughts have changed a lot from the start of the topic to now. I just thought arguments were people just saying petty things until they got there point across or until the other person just gave up and agreed with them. What has changed is how to construct an argument, I can get the point across by telling my main point and then adding logic to it. My experience with developing a persuasive speech was pretty difficult. There was a lot of work and research that had to be put into it. I wanted to get my point across, but without sounding dumb or like I didn’t know what I was talking about. The hardest part was trying to do the constructive since it had to be a certain amount of time to say it so if you talked fast, you had to type more out so that you could at least reach the time limit. It was also hard when I didn’t agree with my topic because I had to pretend like I cared about the drinking age being lowered, when I really thought it should stay the same.