Topic Selection and First Thoughts

My topic for this debate is drinking age of 18. My assigned position is pro. No, it’s not my personal position on this topic, I’m against lowering it. There is a majority of people that want the drinking age to be lowered because at the age of 18 you’re considered an adult. With the basic google search of this topic all that came up were pros and cons of why the drinking age should be lowered or why it shouldn’t. A logical approach for my side of the argument would be that in 1971 the drinking age was lowered from 21 to 18 because they thought if 18 is old enough to go to war then they should be old enough to drink alcohol. An ethical issue is that everyone assumes that once we turn 18, we are legally an adult so we should have the right to drink too. The emotions that can be brought to play are towards college students. They drink more than a lot of adults and a majority of them are 18 and younger than 21. They know how it feels to have to drink illegally and they fear the consequences of getting caught. The college students also probably are thinking that they should lower the drinking the age because they are adults and should have the rights to be able to buy alcohol at that age, if they’re allowed to buy tobacco products and make their own life choices. There are many teenagers that consume alcohol before they even turn 18 and in many European countries there the drinking age is 18. In Canada the drinking age is 16, so that means that there are teenagers that can drink responsibly or learn how to before they turn the legal age.

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