part 1; A current issue is legalizing marijuana. Some people think it’s a getaway drug that could lead to hardcore drugs. Other people think it should be legalized because alcohol is legal and that’s a drug. There aren’t really main reasons except that many people are for it because people already use marijuana without it being legalized. The people that are against just think that if it gets legalized, more people will use it and have health issues in the long run. I’m on the side for the government to legalize marijuana because it could also be used for health purposes and help many people. Also, it makes no sense to keep it illegal because so many people in the United States already use it and there are some states that already legalized it. Such as, Alaska, Colorado, and California. Also, you can’t overdose on marijuana like you can with other drugs sooooo yea.  That’s why the government should legalize it because it’s stupid for so many people going to jail for smoking weed.

Part 2; Now that it is 2019, I’m still not going to be happy to be at school. The school year has sucked so far and my grades keep going downhill. I mean not going to lie, I’ve had some good days in that place. Other than that school has been horrible. I’ve been carefree and less motivated, like I don’t even wanna do this blog right now. If I could change anything about how my school year has gone, it would be actually trying to keep my grades up. I would like to improve on my motivation to actually do my classwork and keeping my grades up. I could probably stop procrastinating and do my work on time. I could also try not to get distracted in class and do what I’m supposed to do. Something I could do today or this week is getting some sleep so that I don’t choose my sleep over homework, like I always seem to do. What could prevent me from making this change is not having the motivation to do any of my homework and just sleeping.

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